What does he do all the time?

Breakfast in bed

”What does he do all the time?”
Is a question my husband asked when I told him about naughty Tarq.
I noticed that my answer, in chat, was not prose but a modern poem!

So here it is:

he eats

he eats grass

and he sleeps

and beats the other geldings up

and he eats


Good isn’t it? :mrgreen:


It’s winter!

The weather is very cold!
And although that unfortunately means no practise, as we have only an outside arena, we do still go out for a nice hack!
The Tarq has no shoes so we don’t have trouble with the snow. Actually The Tarq trots around as if it’s nothing. No false steps! He needs about 15 minutes to stop being worried about the suspicious look the world has taken on. He goes outside every day, but riding through all that white stuff still makes him worried!

Tarq is a bit bored. There’s nothing much to do. As I see new wounds on him every day I take it the guys are spending their time in the meadow beating each other up….

It’s very cold though, How to stay warm?

  1. underwear and top
  2. thermal underwear and thin socks
  3. top, ridingbreeches and thick socks
  4. pullover
  5. Thermoboots, wintercoat, shawl, thin gloves
  6. fur hat, thick gloves, thermo-pants

Now I am properly warm!

A friendly passer by made some photos of us!
I’m using the hackamore, not a bit because I think it is way too cold for a bit. The metal would form a ”cold-bridge” into his mouth.

It takes the Tarq a full fifteen minutes to get over the suspicious look of it all… Everything white… Everything looks different…
It takes a while for him to decide it is all quite safe.
Here you can see him saying:”No! I’m not going anywhere!”

The world really does look like a different place.

Zora in the snow

Once the Tarq gets over the suspiciousness of it all, the Tarq really enjoys being out, trotting, snorting, and looking around. Aftern not too long he wants to go ludicrousspeed.

We were covered in thin ice.

Back at the village where the Tarq lives.

Al Tarq

Al Tarq is both easy and difficult to ride, can look pretty and look like a donkey, is a hooligan and a sweety, never stops running and doesn’t like working, very tough and very sensitive, obedient and disobedient, great fun and a pain in the ….